Best Elliptical Machines Reviews 2021 – Our Top Picks!

When you think of giving your gym experience a complete spin, an elliptical machine should be the first thing that hits your mind.

If you are looking forward to cardiovascular exercises, building muscles, losing tons of weight or achieving extreme fitness levels, the elliptical machine is by far the best option out there.

They provide a very safe way to push your body by mimicking different body movements just like walking or running, and they also provide a low impact.

Therefore, they apply little pressure on the joints while equally exercising the whole body which lets you exercise consistently, for long periods of time.

This is the main reason their reputation has spread wildly throughout the world in the modern day.

However, with the huge list of combinations of downloadable workout programs, perfect performance, other special features, not forgetting specific user convenience, there are quite a number of factors you must consider when choosing your best fit of the elliptical trainer.

Skimming through the vast list of elliptical trainers out there to see if you can spot the one that will fit your very specific requirements can be time-consuming, and daunting, if not impossible.

This detailed review helps you save on the time by helping you get the real value for your money and giving you the essential factors you need to use to identify your best fit, as well as a few most reputable machines trending in the market to help you make the best choice that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Choosing the Right One (Essential Factors)

This review has taken into consideration the needing features of the elliptical machine such as size, ergonomics, exercise intensity, high tech features, programs, safety, features, price, resistance levels and stride length.

1. Size

Different elliptical machines require different amounts of floor space with the rear drive elliptical machines taking up the biggest space.

Coming in the second place in terms of occupying the biggest is the front drive elliptical machines.

They take up more space than the center drive elliptical machines because the flywheel of the center drive elliptical machine is stored beneath you, hence saving more space than the front drive.

As you consider the size factor, the weight of the machine should also be an issue you need to pay attention to as it has a direct relationship with the maximum weight that the elliptical can support.

2. Price

Depending on your budget elliptical machines come in wide range of prices from the low end, going for as low as $100, to as high as over $2000 on the high end.

This, of course, may pronounce the difference in detailed functionality in some elliptical machines with very little features in others.

3. Ergonomics

This is simply how comfortable would you be when using the machine. The hand grips should not strain to reach or force your hands to stay at an uncomfortable angle.

One should be able to stay in an upright position when holding the moving handles, the pedals should be closest possible and the frame should in no manner interfere with your body movements.

4. Fully adjustable

It becomes more useful to many people if it is adjustable in full resistance levels available should be considered choices of over 20 resistance levels where you can change at will, or have training program do it for you, the resistance system (flywheel) is also responsible for smooth motion.

The heavier the flywheels the more smooth the motion. adjustable stride length, this should let your stride in a natural manner with the lowest impact, this can only happen if the pedals can support the size of your
a natural stride, an elliptical machine comes with different adjusting capabilities while some are fixed.

Adjustable incline used to obtain more cardiovascular workout in order to burn calories faster since it works as a simulation for walking or running uphill hence provide a more intense training elliptical machines come with up to 40 degrees of incline to adjust.

5. Multi-grip handlebars

They mainly exercise the upper parts of your body. They are not built in into every device out there.

Some machines come with fixed and simple handlebars where you hold on in one position as you work out they have a curving at the end to suit people with different arm spans and height.

For other elliptical machines, they swing forward and back engaging your arms, shoulders, chest, and back into the exercises making the upper body involved in the work out the process.

6. Quiet operation

Elliptical machines with magnetic resistance make them virtually silent since they are friction free unlike the original friction based elliptical machines that had braking pads, heavier flywheels are also more stable and quieter, lubrication may also be necessary to avoid squeaking.

How portable they are, is also an important argument, the weight up to 300 pounds at such weight it may not be an easy task to move them around at will.

Some come with transport wheels attached so you can move them as you want other additional factors that may be important to consider include how comfortable it is to work on the machine.

Things like a bottle holder should assist to prevent stopping the work out just to get hydrated, cushioning on the pedals and handles helps reduce fatigue and soreness, more of climate control like cooling helps boost the comfort and working on the machine.

Some might even adjust the cooling to your work intensity; internet access during a workout can be a big motivation a place where you could check your emails, social media and check the news could greatly influence your will to workout.

7. Data sharing

This is super important as some elliptical machines allow you to use your tablet or phone as a secondary means for viewing your work out data you can store your daily data across different mobile apps and share them with each other.

Some come with their own mobile apps and wearable trackers to keep track of your health and fitness.

8. Wireless heart rate monitoring

a feature present in some elliptical machines and absent in others, they provide accurate heart rate data and assist you to train more efficiently with good data storage assisting you to keep track of your training improvement day to day hence motivating you to keep to a healthy lifestyle.

9. Workout programs

These are inbuilt programs that help you work out they require little to no setup, control the machines speed and resistance, they allow you to customize in different ways to suit your needs and train efficiently according to programs that were made by experts.

10. High tech features

There are brands that still use the classic dot matrix display but others have full-color LCD which are touchscreens and have the ability to show high definition video work out programs.

Wi-Fi connections allow download of new work out programs, computer controlled cooling fans that move in sync with your intensity.

Bluetooth connectivity to connect with other apps of health and fitness and share your data, automatically controlled incline resistance, and data collection.

Now to the top ten best elliptical reviews 2018 has for you;
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1. Sole E35 elliptical

This elliptical manufactured by sole fitness lies in our number one position, it is a high-end machine costing $1799, has easy controls and very high adjustability which make operations on the machine entirely effortless.

It comes with a heart rate monitoring that is handheld, and for convenience purposes, brings along a chest strap for hands-free monitoring of the heart rate.

The incline is set simply with the push of a button on the handlebars and so are the resistance levels, incline has a set of up to 30�, stride length can be adjusted from 20 to 22 inches which also brings along fully adjustable footrest.

Has a height of 58 inches, the width of 32 inches, length of 83 inches and a weight of 215 pounds.

The stride length can accommodate different shapes and sizes, 16 resistance levels, a heavy aluminum flywheel, resistance without friction makes the machine operate quietly fully adjustable foot pedals offer a 2� inward slope to match natural form by reducing the knee and ankle strain.

It also has a built-in cooling fan that keeps the user cool during work out, its stability is ensured by 6 rubber floor rests to make sure it does not move while in use.

It has a bottle holder and a high maximum user weight of 375 pounds. its high tech features include; an LCD display that can be tilted and has backlights of 7.5 inches; comes with 6 fore programmed workouts, 2 that are user-defined and 2 heart programs to make a total of 10 programs, it can hold 2 user profiles, has built-in speakers and a plugin for an i-pod or mp3 player.

It indicates work out data such as speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and is easy to assemble and comes with a very high commercial durability giving the indication of a long lasting period.

There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years on electrical and parts, two-year labor warranty and an optional five-year fitness plan that include in-home service.

2. Nordic Tract C7.5

Manufactured by Nordic Track comes in second, has a 20-pound flywheel that provides for smooth and quiet motion that is very consistent, high user capacity of 325 pounds, comes with very easy one-touch controls soft-touch upper body grips.

A water bottle holder to keep you hydrated through your workout contains an auto breeze inbuilt workout fan that keeps you cool as you work out, inbuilt speakers with an i-pod compatible sound system an EKG pulse grip heart rate monitor to ensure a safe workout.

22 whole levels of digital magnetic resistance come with it, and they ensure smooth adjustments that are quiet and natural.

Has the following dimensions 67.1 inches of length by 25 inches in width by 69.1 inches of height and has front mounted wheels for easy relocation.

A 20� power adjustable incline that is automatically adjusted, 26 workout apps for the high tech features they include the 5 inch LCD that is lit from the back, Bluetooth smart enabled calorie workouts and performance workouts.

The display data includes; distance, resistance, speed, calories, pulse and 1/4 mile track. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty, parts in a two-year warranty and one year of labor warranty.

3. Nautilus E616 elliptical

In third place, is manufactured by Nautilus, this machine cost about $999, has 25 levels of magnetic resistance that are controlled from the handlebars, comes with a six adjustable incline levels that can go up to 11 degrees and the incline has been motorized which was missing in the previous E614 model which is a great move, sadly its stride is not adjustable.

Its high tech features include; has dual LCD screens for displaying data which can also be downloaded and saved through nautilus connect system or through my fitness pal, comes with 29 workout programs which are compost of 12 profiles, 9 heart rate control, 4 that can be customized , 2 fitness test, 1 recovery test plus an amazing quick start option. it also provides an extra USB data transfer to keep track of your results.

Moreover, it has inbuilt speakers that provide an awesome sound quality, the ultimate feature is the two ways for heart rate monitoring, contact, and telemetry which provide safety with each and every ride on the downside a separate chest strap is required since it does not come with the machine.

4. Schwinn 470

Manufactured by Schwinn, this machine around $799, has a height of 63.2 inches by 28.2 inches by a length of 70.1 inches and has a weight of 164 pounds, has 12 workout profiles, 9 heart rate controls, 4 custom user defined 2 fitness tests 1 recovery test and quick start making for total of 29 programs

It runs quietly and smoothly, has an automated incline of up to 10� with five keys, comes with a fan to keep the user cool through the workout, a water bottle holder and a high maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

High tech features include dual LCD that are lit from the back of 3 by 5 inches and 1 by 5 inches, the data displayed includes time, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance levels, course profile, heart rate zone indicator, percentage complete indicator, intensity meter, user indicator and goal achievement, its multiple user profiles are awesome.

It also comes with a ten-year warranty on the frame, two-year mechanical warranty, one-year electrical warranty plus a ninety-day labor warranty.

5. Sole Fitness E95

Manufactured by Sole fitness, at number five on our list, is literally the best machine out there.

The only reason it stands at number five is because of its price which stands at which stands at $2495, its smooth and can be highly customized, 34 pound flywheel provides stability and very comfortable momentum has a drive system that can provide both forward and reverse elliptical action and an extremely adjustable ramp moving from level to 40 degrees.

It also drags along 15 inches of adjustable and articulating oversized pedals cushioned and with a two degree inward tilt, has a power adjustable stride of length between 20 to 22 inches.

The handlebars are stationary and fitted with heart rate sensors also comes with a heart rate chest strap to allow for hands-free monitoring of your pulse.

It has a height of 58 inches by a width of 32 inches by a length of 83 inches weighs 215 pounds and an extraordinary maximum weight of 400 pounds.

Its high tech features include; a 9 inch LCD, 8 standard programs, 2 custom programs, and two heart programs, built-in speakers. cooling fan and a water bottle holder the computer monitors data such as; pace, time, distance, resistance levels, calories burned and heart rate. comes with a frame warranty of a lifetime, parts and electronics warranty of five years and labor warranty of two years.

6. Exerpeutic5000

Sneaking in at number six is the cool machine manufactured by Paradigm Health & Wellness, Exerpeutic5000.

It will only cost you $487 and has a height of 64 inches by a width of 25 inches by a length of 55 inches and a light weight of 84 pounds.

The machine provides very smooth and realistic strides, has great ergonomics making it very comfortable to work with, has an 18-inch elliptical stride that is unfortunately not possible to adjust.

High tech features include; has an outstanding Bluetooth mobile app tracking capability which allows saving your working out data by allowing you to connect your mobile device, it is equipped with 24 magnetic tension levels for fully customized resistance.

It brings along a programmable computer that has 12 workout programs and has a gel pad support holder to assist support your mobile device, dual action handlebars, displays your data and workout programs on 6.5 by 10 inches LCD display.

The workout data includes; time, distance, revolutions per minute and heart rate of the most amazing qualities of this machine is the double transmission, it can provide both forward and backward elliptical motion.

It has transport wheels to make it easily movable and space saving since you can move it around at your will, a water bottle holder and a small maximum user weight of 270 pounds this machine only come with a one year warranty that is limited.

7. Nautilus E614

Number seven is taken up by the one manufactured by Nautilus, Nautilus E614, at a price of tag of $699 comes the Nautilus E614 has the following dimensions; a height of 63.2 inches by a width of 26.7 inches by a length of 71.5inches comes with a weight of 167.3 pounds.

It is very stable and durable with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, made with a high speed, high inertia drive system plus a perimeter weighted flywheel to start up easy and smooth and provide consistency in your workouts, provides a 20-inch stride to mimic natural movement.

It also has large foot pads that can fit any user, comes with 6 positions of incline to increase the intensity even though incline is manually adjusted, 20 levels of eddy current magnetic resistance to increase the range of workouts intensity, inbuilt console speakers with an mp3 input port, cooling fans that are adjustable and are of three speed, comes with transport wheels for ease of movement.

High tech features include; has 9 profile 8heart rate 2 custom 2 fitness and a quick start making for a total of 22 programs dual range LCD displays.

Something else, it has a media shelf that can hold your tablet or phone that comes with a USB charging port, the workout data includes; time, distance, level, revolutions per minute, heart rate and calories the frame comes with a whopping ten year warranty, the parts two year warranty, one year warranty and a 90 day labor warranty.

8. Nordic Track Free Stride Trainer FS9i

This machine manufactured by Nordic Track yet another great piece the only problem with this one is the price which stands at $2777 clearly a high-end machine with features worth every penny.

It is made in center driven design which taps into the benefits of a stepper a treadmill and an elliptical trainer all combined in one incredible machine, utilizes a floating suspension system which eliminates all impact giving the smoothest rides you can ever get and safety.

It comes with an outstanding automatically adjustable incline of both positive and negative 10 percent incline, has transport wheels to ease movement in case of storage or utilizing the space properly, has the following dimensions: a height of 62 inches by a width of 28.5 inches by a length of 68.4inches.

The good thing is, it can support a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds which is fairly huge.

The high tech features include; an amazing 10 inch touchscreen that is web-enabled comes in full colors, comes in 38 builtin apps that allow you vary your training as you wish they include calorie burning, intensity, and high-performance apps all designed by certified personal trainers, a 38 inch automatically adjustable stride is definitely a plus.

It does bring along complimentary wireless chest strap which monitors your heart during work out, 26 digital resistance levels are easy and convenient to adjust using one-touch controls which allow you to control your workouts and adjust quickly without having to pause,

Finally, it comes with auto breeze oversized fans that remain sync with your speed to keep you cool throughout the workout. the frame comes with a lifetime warranty, the parts a 5-year warranty and a two-year labor warranty plus a 30-day money back guarantee.

9. ExerpeuticAero Air

One of the most pocket-friendly machines manufactured by Paradigm Health & Wellness is this machine, which only cost you $95.

Simply put, this one gets the job gone just fine.

It is very compact and stable, amazingly provides both front and backward elliptical motion exercises most of the body parts since it has the arm bars moving back and forth uses 8 magnetic resistance easily adjustable with a dial which also comes in handy in helping the household to stay nice and quiet.

It has 12 inch stride that is not adjustable mainly nice for the average user, and only holds a low maximum weight of 250 pounds, comes with an easy to read LCD that shows necessary data to track your progress, at this price the machine does not come with all the fancy features out there but it comes in handy to help you work out, toning up, and in losing weight with all the minimal impact on your knees, ankles, and joints.

Its dimensions are as follows: a height of 46inches by a width 19 inches by a length of 33 inches it weighs 51 pounds, the stored workout data includes; distance, calories burned, time and speed, the frame comes in one year warranty and a 90-day warranty in all parts.

10. Body Rider Fan

The last baby in the crib comes to this easily affordable machine which helps the user exercise the lower and upper body with low to no impact at all.

This machine is manufactured by body champ, comes with a fun wheel fan that runs quietly and effortlessly workout resistance levels are adjusted manually through the control knob that increases or decreases the friction of the fan belt on the wheel.

It comes together with a set of video instructions to clarify the best use of the machine, its solid steel frame can support up to a low weight of up to 250 pounds has the following dimensions; a height of 57.7 inches by a width of 20.1 inches by a length of 35.63 and weighs 57 pounds,.

It does not rely on electrical supply to work and comes with a digital display that helps you monitor your progress while working out some of the data that is recorded include; calories burnt, the distance covered heart rate time covered and its resistance level.

It most surely comes with a limited warranty on the frame and a five-year parts and electronics warranty.

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