Beachbody Shakeology Review – Does Superfood Green Shake Work?

If you are looking for a deep Shakeology review that will give you some good insight into the Shakeology shake, then be happy because you have just gotten to perhaps the best post to get that.

Shakeology seems to be a really nice and nutrition packed drink that can save you lots of money spent on groceries, and it sure is pretty easy to prepare! Like in the next 3 minutes I can be drinking it if I had the package. But if you get to think beyond the claims and ask yourself whether all the claims the owner makes of it like it becoming a complete replacement for your meals and the nutrients you actually get in there, you will see that there’s a lot to consider.

But you don’t have to take all the hassles to do that. I’ve looked into it myself and gathered everything you probably want to know about it. So please pay close and keen attention to this review to get all the answers you are looking for.

Product Name: Shakeology Shakeology Review
Website Address:
Owner: Beachbody LLC
Price: A one-time, monthly payment of $129.95
Rankings: 95 out of 100

Shakeology Review – Introduction:

There are so many options and methods; there to helps folks get a good nutritional plan that will get and keep them lean throughout without having to spend too much, work so hard or put in extreme effort to do that. People who are great fitness enthusiasts are spending countless hours in the lab trying to figure out away that can make a living a healthy and fit lifestyle as easy and inexpensive as possible.

So you will always have products being launched now and then claiming to address various aspects of fitness and giving better solutions to them. But you may want to be extra careful with what you decide to plunge on. You know, even though the many products being created and advertised every other day are great and often do work, not all are truly set to benefit you. A good number of them are made by scam artists who want to create new income streams for themselves, the wrong way.

And since it is very difficult to spot the cheats just by having a mere glance at their products, I sought to dive into Shakeology and confirm it myself that it truly works. So keep on to know what I came to learn about it.

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What is Shakeology?

This is a drink supplement that is meant to give your body a huge amount of nutrients to help solve different issues in your body and keep you lean and fit for as long as you take it. It comes with many highly nutritious ingredients like Maca root, sacha inchi, goji berry, schisandra, amaranth, pea, camucamu, whey protein, papain, chia, and many others, which have been blended to bring a drink that combines all the health benefits that the ingredients come with like increased levels of energy, low cravings for sugars and other junk foods, increased sex drive, improved digestion, and an easy way to lose weight.

It also comes with different flavors like strawberry, cafè lattè, vanilla, green berry, and chocolate. And with all this, I believe you can already imagine what a sip of this shake means, massive amounts of nutrients and health benefits for your body!

How long has this product been on the market? Since 1998! And the people who created it are the founders of the huge fitness online platform, BeachBody LLC, and they are John Congdon and Carl Daikeler. They are also the guys who made the rather popular fitness program called P90X which was made possible by Tony Horton. The main offices of the company are located in South California.

You can get your package from the main website or through a coach. If you didn’t know it, BeachBody happens to own the biggest number of fitness trainers who are loved all over the world like Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and many others. This is where you can also get other famous fitness products like the 21 Day Fix, Cize Dance, Country Heat Dance and a lot more.

How Does it Work?

Basically, you get 30 servings off the biggest package of it. And you will only have to mix with water and drink, there is no complicated way of getting it to work. You should also note that the taste of almost all the flavors is not really good but the scent is really appetizing. You get an appealing smell, but once you put it in your mouth, you get something else.

And this is something I’ve also seen others who have tried the different flavors say. So, with that being said, I wanted us to have a deeper look into the benefits you get from this seemingly simple but great shake. And the benefits you obtain from it are:

1. Weight loss

Well, it doesn’t have some chemical elements that will melt it off, but it helps reduce the amounts you take in on a daily basis. The thing is, it eliminates the huge cravings for foods, mostly the sugary ones. After you have had one glass of it, you will feel full for hours. And when this happens, you get to reduce the amounts of food you consume everyday, which result in a significant drop in your weight.

2. Replacing meals

This is also another benefit for those who may be struggling with weight issues. If you take a glass, you feel full, and you get to have the important nutrients already absorbed. And this means you won’t have the appetite for solid foods until after a good number of hours. In fact, when you take it in the morning, you are most likely not going to eat anything until afternoon, if you are determined.

3. Mental Focus

This is another thing that got me to love it. If you make it a habit of drinking a glass everyday, you will feel a certain alertness you have never felt before. It feels more like having a yoga class early in the morning when your mind is fresh. The awareness you get from that is astounding, and that’s what it feels like when you are on this except for the actual workout.

4. Detoxification

The idea here is the nutrients you are getting from Shakeology. They are mixed with the elements that fight toxins and make the digestive tract clear off the harmful toxins which will then allow you to have a better digestion.

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What is Included in the Product?

Well, since you only get the supplement itself when you make your order, I would like us to peep at the ingredients included in the shake and get to know them well. I won’t discuss all of them since they are many, I will only look at the few major ones. So, here are the main ingredients that caught my attention:

• Isolated Whey Protein

Some quite a great ingredient that helps in building mass for your muscles. If you take it for a month or two and you are probably on a fitness program or casual home lifting, you will note a huge increase in your muscle mass. More than that, you get your blood sugar levels controlled, so you won’t have to worry about getting heated diabetes. Also, you get other benefits like more clarity of your mind,

• Phytonutrients

You get a number of phytonutrients like catechins, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and polyphenols. These contain chemical properties that help fight off free radicals in your body and turn improve your immune system and slow your aging process.

• Prebiotics

These are the best ingredients that make the stay of the bacteria considered helpful in the body more bearable. They are also loved for their ability to absorb nutrients, well minerals, more precisely calcium, which helps in digestion.

• Vitamin and minerals (23 in total)

If I were to list them here, I would probably shock you with a 4,000 words post. So it’s better if you knew that you are getting quite some vitamins and minerals that can make good alternatives for people who don’t eat fruits more often.

• Digestive Enzymes

For the record, did you know you might probably not be digesting all the food you take in? Well, that’s a possibility. And the reason for this is because you may not be having a properly functioning digestive system, that may have been infected. The enzymes you get from papaya, Papain, helps you break the food particles you swallow into smaller particles which will be easily absorbed and help your take full advantage of the nutrients in the food.

Who is it For?

Up until now, it is very clear that the shake has got many people as its target. Firstly, Shakeology is a great way to fight cravings, so people who are always getting cravings they can’t control and are embarrassed by, they should try it out. If you are also looking for solutions to blood sugar control, better digestion, detoxification, a boost in your libido, improved mental clarity and detoxification, and other health benefits, then you need to consider this.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You are getting a shake that gives you the benefit of a full meal. And you don’t have to take hours to prepare it as you do it for the regular meals.

• You are getting a good deal of ingredients that are all combined to help you get an overall boost of your health. In a single drink, you get to solve many body problems all at once.

• This drink is free of harmful chemicals. There are no added chemicals that have made it what it is. Everything in it is given freely by mother nature.

The Cons

• There is a hefty price tag on it. You get to pay $124 for only 30 servings. This is great but can’t help people from all walks of life. If only they made it half the price!

• Other people have reported complicated procedures when making an order of it. They said that the process wasn’t completed well, they kept having technical breakdowns.

• You don’t get a full breakdown of the amino acids in the shake, and this means that you won’t know some proteins you are having, which can be tricky if you are sensitive with that.

Final Verdict:

The shake is good. You are going to love the smell and the nutritional benefits that come with it. What made me hooked to the drink is the flavors you get. I’m a vanilla guy myself, I really love the vanilla smell, and it is available, so, lucky me! And you are given a whole 30 days guarantee with the assurance of a full refund policy. And the owners give you the chance to try it out for a whole month and see if you will see and note the promised benefits.

If you do, you can keep using it. But if you don’t, you can ask for your money back, even if you have you consumed almost the whole bag. They will let you have it for free. And to get your funds back, you will only have to send an email to the support guys and they will get back to you in minutes and sooner than you would think, deposit the funds in your account.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Shakeology
Owner: Beachbody LLC
Price: A one-time, monthly payment of $129.95
Rankings: 95 out of 100

Have you tried out the Shakeology shakes? Which flavor did you have? How was it? Did you experience the said alertness? Did you see some changes in your body and digestion? What flavor did you love the most? Did you subscribe for a monthly delivery? We would love to hear from you.

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