Beachbody Master’s Hammer And Chisel Workout Review – Does it Work?

If you want to get a well detailed THE MASTER’S HAMMER AND CHISEL workout review by the two fitness greats, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese, then you just found yourself one.

Sagi and Autumn are both masters in their own right and going by the reputation they have gathered online, and in the fitness industry, it is not easy to dismiss their program, especially one that they have made together, just from the get-go. You will want to analyze every aspect of the program pretty well before you can say it is not worth it.

I have personally owned up the responsibility of getting deep into the system made to hammer and chisel your body into an A-list model and get head turns everywhere you go. So keep reading to see if you are really going to see the kind of results you have in your mind right now.

Product Name: MASTER’S HAMMER AND CHISEL workoutMaster’s Hammer And Chisel Workout Review
Website Address:
Owner: Sagi Kalev
Price: A discounted price of $29.95 each month, for 3 months + $14.95 or a one-time, monthly payment of $89.85
Rankings: 88 out of 100

Master’s Hammer And Chisel Workout Review – Introduction:

Whenever you hear two experts meet to create something which they are both great at, you will find many people wanting to get hold of it as they think it surely is great since it comes from people who have worked it all out well and have designed it work perfectly.

But if you take time to think through it, you will come to note that not all things turn out to be good when two people who use different approaches work together.

When it comes to fitness, not all strategies when blended will work for people. In this case, you have Autumn who likes using the workouts that are not intense, working with Sagi who uses a fairly intense approach. Do you think they would bring out something that will work for all types of bodies?

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Let’s find that out.

What is the Master’s Hammer And Chisel Workout?

This is a 60 days program that is designed to get you ripped by just spending 30 to 40 minutes every day to do the workouts illustrated here and use the meal plan laid out for you. You will be getting a list of hardcore strength training workouts as well as a complete nutritional guide that you will only need to follow along for the next 8 weeks and get the chiseled body you have always wished for.

The system doesn’t believe in the fad diets that other fitness trainers out there recommend. They believe in nutrition that gives you the freedom of eating some of your favorite carbs so that you are not tempted by the huge cravings to cheat or binge on them when you have the chance to.

This program has been designed by Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese. These are names that have been heard quite some times in the industry. Both the trainers have had a fair amount of experience and success with fitness, and they have all made programs in the past that did so well. Sagi Kalev, for instance, has been world class national trainer for years. He has been in the fitness zone for a little over 2 decades now.

He came to the US back in 1993 to push his bodybuilding passion to the next level where he later created the Body Beast Workout, a program that did amazing. And he has also been crowned Mr. Israel twice. Autumn Calabrese, on the other hand, is a national women bikini competitor who has got certifications in fitness and nutrition and has been training celebrities for years.

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She is known for programs she created like the 21 Day Fix Program, Country Heat Dance, and the 21 Day Extreme. So you can see that these are two well learned and experienced trainers who know what they are doing and are well aware what works.

How Does it Work?

Well, here you are getting a list of workouts that will target every part of your body and sculpt it to make sure you get a good body definition and strength while heating up your rate of metabolism to help hike the speed your fat loss process.

So for this to happen, expect a few workouts like tempo training, myriad sets, hypertrophy, powerlifting exercises, isometrics, compound training, full body resistance, cardiovascular training, time under tension and cardiovascular resistance among others.

And the good thing about this program is that the two trainers have shared the workouts to help you get a more effective approach that will give more defined results. So you get Sagi to take you through the workouts that will help you increase your muscle mass and then get Autumn to help you with the chiseling. Let’s see what you will be getting once you make your purchase:

1. The Hammer Workouts

Here you get:

• The total body sets – Here you are getting workouts that will increase your strength and build muscle mass using the exercises that look like pyramid sets and hypertrophy.

• Max hammer strength – To increase your power, develop muscles and strength, you are getting exercises that you should always get to before you are completely tired.

• Hammer power – As the name suggests, you are going to get powerlifting exercises that will help give you more power, and boost your speed.

• Hammer conditioning – This targets your coordination, stability, and strength. And you will be achieving that using compound movements with your body.

• ISO speed Body Hammer – To help develop your muscle as well as build more strength, you get into a bit of tempo training with isometrics.

• Hammer plyometrics – As strength and power seem to be the main theme of this section, you get more of them plus some force with this.

2. The Chisel Workouts

And here is what you get Autumn help you with:

• Total body chisel – You get a resistance workout that helps you get a more lean and strong body.

• Chisel balance – By getting your whole body up and running, you get to work towards improving the strength of your core, endurance of your muscles and stabilization of your body.

• Chisel endurance – To build strength and endurance, you will use time under tension here.

• Chisel agility – Although a bit tough, you are going to use cardio workouts to help boost your speed and coordination, and even stabilization.

• ISO strength chisel – With isometric and resistant holds, you will learn how to increase your flexibility, speed, and strength.

• Chisel cardio – You are going to use cardiovascular resistance to boost your heart rate and the rate of metabolism to burn more fat.

Now comes the nutrition, you are going to get a nutrition plan that will allow you to get into a diet system that allows you to eat both the high and the low carbs that will give you the energy and strength you will need to take on the training and get muscles.

Here, we are talking about a designed plan that provides you with the exact foods you will be eating everyday, and the exact amounts you will have not to mention the best time to eat to make the most of them. And this is going to show you where you have been having it all wrong all this time.

And to make sure you get the right portions, you will get 7 plastic “portion control” containers that come with different colors to represent different kinds of foods. And this is how it’s done:

  • Blue coded container for healthy fats
  • Yellow-coded container for carbs
  • Green-coded container for veggies
  • Red-coded container for proteins
  • Orange coded container for seeds and dressings
  • Purple coded container for fruits
  • Shakeology shaker cups for drinks

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What is Included in the Program?

You also receive a few materials to help you get through the training smoothly. And these are:

• Program and Nutrition Guide – Here you get the eating plans, quick to prepare recipes and tips to get you all the benefits of the program.

• Quickstart Guide – This walks you through the main theme of the system, which includes 3 main principles, the SSP (Stabilization, Strength and Power).

• 60 Days Workout Calendar – You get all that you will be doing for the next 60 days planned out for you, the workouts as well as the foods.

And you get more. When you make your order, you get 2 more workouts and an extra special:

• 10-minute ab Hammer – This is meant to get your core more definition and power.

• 10-minute ab chisel – You do some core targeted exercises that will take your midsection to greater heights.

• 24/7 Online Support – This gives you access to the program’s support team that work around the clock. You can get fitness expert advice any time of the day and night.

Who is it For?

This program is for people who have been struggling to lose weight and get lean for many years and still haven’t gotten anything that works for their specific types of bodies. If you have also had problems with getting noticeable abs that are chiseled, and that people can see from far, then you will want to try this out. It will give you the kind of definition you have been looking for all this while.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This program mixed a variety of workouts which make different forms of impact on your body and give you a well balanced and defined body.

• You also get a list of meal plans that will help you take all the guesswork out of the window. You have all the meals for the day listed for you, along with the recipes.

• Sagi and Autumn take you through different phases that have got different approaches and will help you impact your body in different ways and be sure to see the accurate results you want.

• You get to have Sagi a world class fitness trainer and Autumn; a national bikini competitor show you their bodybuilding secrets that have made them get the great bodies they have for all these years.

• The program comes well illustrated with the videos dieting almost all angles of the workouts. And this will help save you the time to master how they are done before you start doing them.

• You get to eat what you like. You don’t have restrictions on eating your favorite carbs. You eat them but in the right amounts that are going to help your body.

The Cons

• The price is a bit too high. You will be paying a one-time payment of $89.95 or pay in installments, with each going for $29.95 plus a $14.95 monthly fee which no one knows what it is for.

• You will need equipment to do this system. And this simply means you get a gym membership or just buy the equipment, which means more spending.

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Final Verdict:

This program is relatively good. You get to have quite some workouts that are going to target every part of your body, skyrocket your metabolism and get you the body of your dreams. The best part of this program is that you are having two different workouts that complement each other and will give you better results than you get with the other single sided conventional programs.

You should remember that there are a 60 days money back guarantee that lets you have the program for 2 months with the assurance of a full refund policy if in any case, you don’t find the system working for you or as good as you thought it was. And you also stand a chance of getting a Hammer and Chisel T-shirt, if you will work through the system and get your body chiseled and then post your “before” and “after” photos of the program.

Final Verdict – legit!

Owner: Sagi Kalev
Price: A discounted price of $29.95 each month, for 3 months + $14.95 or a one-time monthly payment of $89.85
Rankings: 88 out of 100

Have you used this program anytime before? Did you get good results you can boast about? Was the meal plan as good as it sounds? Have you been on any other programs created by the two trainers who host this program? What was your experience with them? Please leave your answers below.

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