Beachbody 21 Day Fix Workout Review – Does it Work?

If you want to get honest information about the 21 day fix workout program by Autumn Calabrese, then be sure that you have found the place to get just that.

Well, Autumn is making pretty big claims here. She says that you only need a 30 minutes workout along with some good portioning of foods, the ones that you love as well as the healthy ones, and a 21 days work plan to get in the best shape you have always been looking for.

When I heard this, I was unsure of how credible it really is, I mean, some people have been doing more than this and haven’t gotten to lose even an ounce of fat talk less of getting in shape. But when I got into it, I was astounded!

Keep reading my 21 day fix workout review to know what I found out.

Product Name: 21 Day Fix Workout21 Day Fix Workout Review
Website Address:
Owner: Autumn Calabrese
Price: A discounted price of $39.20 each month, for 3 months
Rankings: 90 out of 100

21 Day Fix Workout Review – Introduction:

Whenever you want to achieve any fitness goals, like lose weight, solve somebody pains, get more flexible muscles or even get the lean physique you desire, and happen to go online to get some help with that, you are going to get thousands of people telling you a lot of things, giving you countless recommendations and so much advice to do it.

And if you are keen enough to all what you get, you will come to note that they are getting you to buy what they are promoting.

Well, some of the recommendations are great and often useful, but most of them are given by people who have got their eyes on the money. They don’t care about how helpful it is going to be for you. They will only tell you that the solutions you get are really simple to work with and you won’t need to drop anything you are currently on to achieve what you want.

And then after you have used what you were told, you realize that you are not getting any results and get all the more frustrated, not to mention you lost all the money you spent on them.

And the 21 day fix workout program are the kind of programs that promise that, and then get you lost. But before judging it, let’s see what is in store for you to see if it’s worth your time and effort.

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What is the 21 Day Fix Workout Program?

This is a 21 days program that promises you head-turning results, by helping you lose weight and get into the shape you have always wanted. This program works with 30 minutes a day schedule that lets you work out and still get to tackle other important things on your day’s plan. You are going to get 2 DVDs that will allow you to take the program from home and a few extra resources to help you shed pounds in the three weeks.

You are also going to get a wonderful nutrition plan that lets you eat both the high carbs as well as the healthy foods to help you avoid the huge cravings people get when they are prohibited from eating their favorite foods, which leads to binges. And you are still going to get you to eat enough protein to help build the muscle you need. And I totally agree with the training system it uses. It wasn’t bad after all, was it?

The author of the program is Autumn Calabrese. Although I didn’t get more information on her, apart from the fact that she is a celebrity trainer, which has said it herself, this woman knows what she is talking about. Her body says it all, have you sent just how fit she is? The other thing that makes me want to believe her is the strategies she is giving you, the low and high carbs plan? Yes, this is the best nutrition plan out there, currently.

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How Does it Work?

Well, to start with you are going to be doing this for just 21 days. By then you should have lost a huge amount of stubborn fat and have gotten well into shape. You are also getting to commit just 30 minutes each day to do the workouts. Firstly, you will be doing single workouts each day and then later on in the program, after your have gotten used to them, you get into the doubles which will only hasten the results. And you do all this at home. So, basically, you are getting all the convenience you need here.

In the program, you get to work with 6 different workouts that are going to target all parts of your body, especially the “fat zones.” This will help you shed all the fat in your belly, thighs, and legs among others. The striking thing about this workout plan is that you get to have a variety of exercises that are going to work towards getting you to convert what you are eating to pure muscle and help pack it up in the essential areas.

Let’s see just how the workouts have been planned out.

• Total Body Cardio Fix – Here, you are going to get a few set of exercises that are going to target your metabolism and heart rate. And it will get them running at their best such that you will be able to have them up hours after you are done working out.

• Upper Fix – As the name suggests, it is a set of workouts that are going to help you torch off the fat in the upper body and shape it up. You get resistance training that targets your shoulders, chest, arms, back and abs.

• Lower Fix – Again, the name gives it away. The exercises you get here are targeted towards your lower body. So you will be using the calories in your body to sculpt your thighs, bum, and legs.

• Pilates Fix – This one is different. It helps you get the three areas of interest in the best shape. Here you will be getting your hips and thighs sized in and help them maintain the firm sexy shape. You will also get your core well strengthened as well as lengthen your muscles.

• Cardio Fix – As always, you get the cardio exercises bring more movement, more pounding and more melting of fat.

• Yoga Fix – This is where it gets interesting. You also get the opportunity to bring your body to calmness and peace, and as you do this get boost your flexibility, strength, and balance.

You are also getting a nutrition plan that helps you get your appetite in order. You will get containers that are coded by colors which help you know just how much you should take in regarding nutrients. And with the foods that you will be given, you will only have to put the foods in the containers to get the right amount of each, and then transfer them to a bowl and eat. And here is how the containers are meant to be used:

  • Red container for proteins
  • Green container for veggies
  • Orange container for seeds oils
  • Blue container for health fats and cheese
  • Purple container for fruits
  • Yellow container for carbohydrates
  • And shakeology shake cups for drinks and shakes

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What is included in the Program?

Well, the program comes well packed with resources to help you make the most of the program and the money you put into it. Autumn is really dedicated to helping you get results, and she has made sure that she has gotten all the effective workouts on your hands to see you make your body lean, and chisel out the abs in the best and fastest way possible. Let’s take a sneak peak at the products included in the program and how they are going to make this whole thing work.

1. 21 Day Fix Start Here

This is the quick start guide that helps you get started with the program. It will help you get rolling in the fastest way and give you all the preparatory information you will need to take on the training effectively. You are also going to get a calendar that will walk you through the 21 days with the tasks you have to perform.

2. 21 Day Fix Eating Plan

This is the book that helps you improve your eating habits. It is where you get the exact meals plans that have been working for Autumn for years. You get to learn portion control very easily and find it less demanding compared to the other programs. You will get the recipes for healthy foods and your favorites, and get taught how to eat them all right.

And you get 3 bonuses!

1. The 3 Day Quick Fix

This book reveals the techniques that will get you a beach body in just 3 days. And you can surely expect hard training as you will be making every second count to make you ready for the event that needs you lean in that short while.

2. The Dirty 30 Workout

Here you get a book that shows you 4 rounds of workouts that will help you burn fat fast in your body and get you leaned up in days.

3. 24/7 Online Support

You are getting a forum with a team of experts as well as community members to give you help with your weight loss goals by providing you motivation, more amazing tips and direction where you feel you are off track. This is also where you get personal help from Autumn.

Who is it for?

This is great for both men and women of virtually all ages. If you are on your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s and you are really struggling with obese or uncomfortable weight and have been feeling depressed about it then you will want to get this program and help you drop pounds of pure fat in the next 21 days and get that new look they will get you tons of head turns. I have seen people who are in their mid 60’s get to see rewarding results with it.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You are getting a mixture of different exercises that are all so powerful and improve most of your body parts including the brain.

• You shed pounds of weight in 21 days, guaranteed! No other legit program gets any shorter than this and will give you good results like it.

• You get to eat all the foods you love, but in moderation so that you don’t get pressed too much by your cravings and get you binging on cookies, pizza, and the rest.

• No gym membership needed here, this means that if you are a bit uncomfortable with going to chase your perfect body goals in front of a bunch of strangers, you don’t have to as you do it at home.

• The program is so simple and the workouts easy to follow. You don’t need to have used another program to get things right here; it is simply illustrated.

• You are taken through the program by Autumn who has used the workouts herself, and you can see how perfectly slim she really is. This gives you confidence that it’s going to work for you as well.

• You are getting a community of help and support. You don’t get to be stuck for days waiting for a solution. Immediately you post a problem, you get tons of well-detailed answers.

The Cons

• You will require a strong internet connection that is powerful enough to hold the HD videos of the program. If you don’t have, you will have troubles executing it the proper way.

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Final Verdict:

This program is good and will help you loose a few pounds if you work at it with commitment without cheating or binging. But you have to look out for the price; you should be prepared to pay 3 monthly payments of $39, which adds up to $120. But you get a 30 days money back guarantee that covers you throughout the period you will be taking the program.

So you are doing this risk-free, and you can return it anytime you wish, without getting asked any sensitive questions that will kind of get you annoyed. And you get a 21 Days Fix T-shirt after you have gone through the program, have seen results and have posted you before and after photos.

Final Verdict – LEGIT

Name: 21 Day Fix Workout
Owner: Autumn Calabrese
Price: A discounted price of $39.20 each month, for 3 months
Rankings: 90 out of 100

Have you been on this program in the past? What were your results? Are you still on it? How is your progress thus far? Would you recommend this to a close friend? We love thoughts, ideas and suggestions on topics we discuss. Be sure to leave yours on this below.

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