Bar Brothers System Review – Is it Really Working?

Want the real truth about the Bar Brothers calisthenics program? If you have been looking for a permanent solution to getting your body to lean up and get really ripped, using the best ways possible, then odds are that you have come across this program.

It has become wildly popular, especially on YouTube, and is rapidly spreading to all other social platforms. But does the program really work? If that is what you are asking yourself, don’t worry, you’ve just come to the right place. I was like you just a while ago.

And having sunk my teeth into the program, as it is my habit with all the fitness programs that get launched every other month, I did come to discover quite a lot about it. And my Bar Brothers review will be revealing everything that I found out about it to you in a moment.

So please pay close attention and learn more about it to see if it is your best fit for getting you the body that you have been longing for all this while. And be sure to use my final verdict on it to make a more accurate decision that will give only what you deserve to have.

So let’s get right into things here…

Product Name: Bar Brothers (The System)Bar Brothers System Review
Website Address:
Owner: Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic
Price: $47
Rankings: 92 out of 100
Verdict: Legit

Bar Brothers System Review – Introduction:

There has been so much fuss online about the best training to take on to get the ideal body with mass and strength, and more importantly to have a physique that is all balanced out. And the biggest argument seems to become from the fitness trainer who prefers using the body weight training to get into shape which they claim seems to be pretty powerful and cost saving.

On the other hand, local gym instructors are more into weight lifting and cardio workouts to get the ideal body. But if you come to think of it, which do you think would be the best way to take if you were a total newbie?

Let me tell you something.

And I’m sure that you’ve never heard this and probably never will. There is what we call the “right remedy for the right ailment” You may wonder what this is, but I’ll be explaining about it in a just short while. First, I would like us to focus on the weight training perspective.

Well, if you happen to come from or interact more with people who work with weight training, you will hear this phrase quite often, “Your body is your most powerful weapon.” And if you are skinny, the chances are that you will hardly believe this statement. Well, I have seen many people who are passionate about getting wide muscle packed chests, and six pack abs struggle to do it.

If you are one of those people, you may find it hard to work with weight training as, on the first contact, it may seem pretty hard for you to get into and really adapt. And that is why you are going to find many people wanting to run to the local gym instructors across the street to get trained by a fitness trainer who believes in weights.

But let me give you a new perspective.

While it may seem a daunting task to use only your body weight to train your into the kind of body you have wished to have all this time, if you only got to understand how real calisthenic workouts, using your body weight to train, truly works, you will be truly amazed. But the problem with most people who would want to use this training but fear is because of the misinformation that is spreading out there like wildfire.

Most people who have been working out for years don’t really seem to have the deep insight into how this works. They will just cook up their own workouts, out of the blues, and crown them “the best and most rewarding weight training workouts, ” and for some reason, they become the most commonly known and used workouts.

But if you took the time to understand the real gist of it, and saw how it was transforming other people’s body, people who really followed the actual training as it really was a few decades ago, you would be astonished. And how do you get to know the real programs that do it purely natural without any other extra “stuff”? I’ll be showing you that right now.

There is this program, Bar Brothers, that has been promoted as the best one in this kind of training I’m speaking about. And I would like to use it to show you what it means when it comes to pure weight calisthenics. I’ll be putting it aside and compare it to the real deal, to give you the real picture of it as it really is.

So without any more delays, let’s do this.

What is Bar Brothers?

This is a 12 weeks program that helps you train your body and mind, using calisthenics training exercises. Here you will be taught how to use your very own body as a complete package of a gym equipment and take it to its absolute most to get the best out of it. This program comes with a perfect workout plan to slide into your daily routine, an easy meal plan that is comfortably affordable, highly nutritious and aims at giving your body enough energy to see you transform in a matter of weeks.

Wondering who the creators of the program are? Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. I have to admit that these are perhaps the most genuine fitness experts as far as calisthenics is concerned. I have seen many products come up and go for over a year now and there is no program that has delved into this aspect of training with this deep and profound understanding. And how these two “bar brothers” came to meet is quite interesting.

So Dusan was the skinny one who was struggling with the ridicules he got from people around him (in every fitness success story there’s always a skinny one, funny how that is). And this moved him to want to build up so that he could be appreciated really.

In his research, he talks with this lady who was a good friend of his, who told him about the guy on Facebook (Lazar) who was having a massive amount of friends and followers because of his body. So, Dusan contacted him, and they met a short while after. Dusan was amazed to hear how Lazar did his thing to get the massively ripped body he had, and still has.

So they teamed up and trained together till Dusan got it right! And from then they have been trying to help other struggling folks from all over the world to do the same and achieve what has been stopping them from being successful with what they’ve always wanted.

How does it work?

Well, this is pure calisthenics taught here. You will be only needing a pull-up bar and dip station combo to get everything ready for your training, as the greatest requirement is with you always, your body. Now you will be trained in various ways to target various body parts and help you get a cumulative effect that will give you a well-balanced body.

The Bar Brothers Program comes in 3 packages:

• The System
• The System Accelerator
• The System – Fee Style Moves

And you can choose any package you like. The first one shows you the basics of how to get up and running with this particular type of training. It well gets you well prepared for the real training that is ahead of you and gives you the right energy and mindset to really work your way through it to your personal success.

The system accelerator is more like taking things to the next level, really hitting it! If you are having an easy time with the system, you should get this. This now helps you tackle even more harder training that will only get your body better in shape and size.

The freestyle moves you get the five most popular freestyle moves that you are definitely going to love. With these, you can have all the flexibility, courage and confidence you need to get all the better at this.

So how does it generally work?

Once you’ve made a purchase of the program (the system is what you should start with and is which we are going to look at), you are going to get more than 15 videos and other helpful resources that you can download and empower yourself with.

From this, you will get a series of training for each week, taking an hour a day and you have to do them six days a week to see the right results. Ideally, in these training, there are 4 phases which get tougher and tougher every week. But of course, you will get used to them with time and find them more enjoying, days into them.

In each video, you are going to learn how to do the exercises, how to perfectly progress the training no matter what level you are at, the mistakes you should avoid and which could be potentially dangerous, and then there is the meal plan that you should be using to pump it all up.

Who is it For?

Well, this program is pretty much for everyone, but most especially for the people who have tried hard and have gotten nothing to work for them. It is best for the people who feel like there is nothing that can be done about their bodies and minds. If you are that person, who has used almost every fitness product that has been launched but all had been in vain, then you got to try this one. If you are really enthusiastic about getting jacked, then this should be your perfect solution.

It is also great for those who have been looking for a pure approach to calisthenics. If you want to Know how to work against your body weight to pack muscles in your chest. Legs, abs and arms, the rest assured that this program would get you there in the most effective way possible. To be completely honest with you, I have never seen another program online that does it efficiently like this one.

But you also need to know that if you are looking for a way to make your body better-using weights and cardio, then this is not for you. You will not be using any types of equipment here except for a bar, so if you wanted a program that gives the contrary, you might want to look elsewhere. This program as it is with all other programs out there is also not good for people who:

• Don’t want to take action – If you are the kind of people who are lazy, not motivated to make this thing work for them, then in a not-so-harsh tone possible, this one is not good for you. You are going to want to get some motivation first to make the most off of it. You will want to be very determined as this determination is what will keep you grinding to get you what you want to get in fitness and life.

• Want to take shortcuts – If you don’t believe in the “grind it hard till you get it right” mentality then you are going to get it rough on this one. This program teaches you the proper way to build up, by taking the right cut, not the short cut! If you are not willing to hit the bar six times a week and only want watch TV all day, then it is going to be extremely difficult actually to get to see results with this program.

So you will want to have your mindset right with the program before you go on to use it. You will simply want to accept the fact it takes time, effort, determination and commitment to get into shape. And all these “fitness virtues” can be gotten by none other than you! Have this attitude, and you will get you want with your body, and in your life as a whole, this is what the bar bro’s say.

What is Included in the Program?

All programs must drag something along to make the bodybuilding experience a seamless one and fun to work with. And the Bar Brothers system is no different. It comes quite packed with some wonderful resources to always keep on track and help make each workout, each diet, each minute spent in the program, count, and greatly count for that matter.

And to see what comes with the package, let’s take a quick peek at what is included in it:

• 12 weeks trainings video classes – Here you are going to get access to the actual 4-week training that will help you know how to do calisthenics in the best way possible, know how to leverage every aspect of the training, how to avoid injuries in your workouts, how to do every workout correct to get the right effects and results, and you also get the answers to the frequently asked questions about that particular training and some few things related to it.

• Nutrition Plan – This is where you learn to get the best meals that will help you through the training. You will be walked through the best recipes; you can make from home, which is the best to work with then using this program. The creators also teach you how to spread your eating throughout the day that will help you burn fat and continue building muscles all day long. You also get to know how t prepare natural pre-work out shakes; natural weight gainers shake and many more of these, which will only increase more and more energy which you’ll be needing.

• Access to The Bar Brothers Community – This is by far the fast growing and most interactive fitness community for calisthenics. You are going to find lots of like-minded people with whom you are going to share experiences, chat about the best exercises you found to be most effective, get help from other people with the current challenges you may be experiencing with your workouts, and even get personal help form Lazar and Dusan themselves. Isn’t this amazing?

• Workout Charts and Calendars – You also get workouts charts to give you a more practical approach to the workouts. You get accurate details of how many sets and reps you should work with, the succession of the exercises and stretches, and the good thing about this is they are all colored differently according to convenience to help you have a better concept of how it should work and not get confused at all.

• Regular Motivation and inspiration – If you work into the program and sometimes feel very lazy or discouraged for not seeing results as fast as you may want, you have access to a massive amount of motivational posts and tips that will get you fired up to get back into the training. This kind of discouragement comes once in a while, and you will need someone always to remind you of the one thing you want in the most intriguing way possible. And what better way to do it is there than this!

Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

• The video training is short. And it makes it possible to download them and use them with all the convenience. You all’s don’t have to spend hours on the training to see good results coming your way. An hour is more than enough training span.

• The system is well priced. With the quality information you get there on how to do calisthenics the proper way, with no fluff and gimmicks, and only the right way doing it, which is usually very expensive, this cost has been adjusted to fit everyone from any walk of life.

• The user’s dashboard is quite intuitive; you don’t have to go through some pages and manuals to actually understand how to use it. And this makes the usage all the most amazing and easy for you to work on your goals accurately.

• You actually see how the owners of the program do it first hand, and you feel like you are there with them in your living room or basement really walking you through it. And this helps you to bond with the program, do the exercises right and get to see the kind of results you are hoping for.

• There is no equipment used in the program, so you don’t have to spend an extra dime to this program, other than the actual purchase of the program to see better results.

• You are working with what you naturally have, your own body, so the chances of having any side effects with the program are none, and this program will only keep improving your overall health.

• You get very insightful tips on how to go about getting your meal plan to work for your workouts. These tips are perhaps the best ones to use when doing calisthenics, so rest assured that you are working with the all the right things that are going to gear you towards your goal.

• All the workouts are backed up with scientific evidence of improving the target areas, so you don’t get to work with unnecessary moves that won’t add anything to your body.

• Lazar and Dusan have been using these same strategies all their life and has worked great for them. So you know that they are really working as the owners themselves kind of took themselves as the first guinea pigs.

• You are slowly and carefully shown how to go about the exercises, so chances of you doing them wrong are slim to none, which will only make your process of building up go faster and easier.

The Cons

• You only get the program online; you can get a hard copy for yourself. This means that you will have to get a good internet connection if you want a better working out experience with the program.

• Hour-long exercises may be too much for those who had been used to the program that has 10 minutes workouts a day.

Final Verdict:

Well, having a general look at the program, the kind of quality that has been invested into the program, the workouts, the honesty of it and the general public stunts you see in the introduction video as well as the testimonials which prove that the bar Brothers community is actually real, this is a program that shows it really delivers what it promises.

And you also get a 100% guarantee if any case you don’t see the results you are looking for in the product, which most of the time doesn’t happen. You only have to send an email to them and get a full refund without any hard feelings. You have nothing to lose.

Personally, according to the half-baked programs I’ve seen being created and overpriced, coupled with lots of complaints from members almost everywhere about them, this is a program high quality and one that I can recommend to a friend. It is, by all means, legit and going to give you too a fair share of a perfect strong body.

Those who you are going to find saying this product is a scam are just doing so to have their own recommended products sell, which is a no-brainer. This product is going to be great for you, and I recommend that you get it and start working at it as soon as possible.

Can you also put a stamp of approval on the Bar Brothers fitness program? I sure know you can. Everything that defines a high-quality program is in there.

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: Bar Brothers (The System)
Owner: Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic
Price: $47
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Have you had a chance to test out this product? What was your experience with it? Have you gotten to get the body like Lazar or Dusan? How far have you gone into the training? What advice can you give anyone who wants to try it out too? We would really love if you left your feedback on it here and enlightened and all the rest of us.

Want a program that handles all other aspects of body training? Want the weightlifting program that tackles literally just everything you want to know about it? Want a program with five times as much efficiency as the Bar Brother’s program? Then come here ad see what I have been recommending all this while.

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