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How Did COVID-19 Affect The Fitness Industry?

As the Corona virus pandemic expanding in the world, all of us are seeing downward trends in more than 90% world industries. Some most popular industries have taken massive hits such as airlines, oil, automobiles, and tourism.Similar applies to health and fitness industry which is our today’s consideration. Government closed nearly all the public places, […]

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Staying Safe With Your Dumbbell Set!

Share 0 Tweet 0 Share 0 Pin 0 For the home trainer, swapping a barbell for a set of dumbbell weights for certain exercises can help you avoid some of the potential injuries that can occur when lifting heavy weights. Such a swap should result in no detrimental affect on the effectiveness of your training. Ever found […]

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Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes

There is no secret in saying that the level of competition in youth sports has been rising over the past few decades. This has led the recreational teams and city leagues into an entire industry of club sports. They are also demanding hefty participation fees from the young athletes’ parents. While parents are more conscious on […]

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What is a Heart Rate Monitor and How Does it Work?

Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is an instrument which measures your heart rate during both periods of rest and exercise. It shows results in the form of number of beats per minute (BPM), allowing you to determine trends over time. It is important to understand about your heart rate because you can understand about your heart health […]

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What is the Proper Diet for Fitness?

People today are more conscious about their diet and fitness than they were in the past. Many are wanting to sculpt their bodies to get that magazine-cover look.  That is why so many gyms and fitness centers have shown up to fill the need of these people.   You can find exercise machines, and weight loss products […]

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