Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Does it Work?

If you are here to know whether the Adonis Golden Ratio System fitness product will get you ripped as you would want to, then this is going to serve you that purpose, and more.

I’m a great fitness enthusiast, and I always keep my eyes peeled for any new program coming up within the industry. I happened to go deeply through this program and what I found out is really going to amaze you.

All you want to know about it is in this Adonis golden ratio system review, and I’ll also help you determine if it’s worth the shot or not, so keep reading.

Product Name: Adonis Golden Ratio System
Owner: John Barban
Price: $47 one time
Verdict: Legit

Adonis Golden Ratio System – Introduction:

When it comes to getting a ripped body, every man will have to agree that more of the hours in the gym are spent in front of the mirror checking the abs and chest to see if some muscles are getting packed. And while it is very thrilling to see some significant amount of improvement, it is also very discouraging not to see a difference between the last time you checked and that hat rent moment.

Most often, you’ll find many people blaming the fitness programs they choose to work with, the effectiveness of them and such. But one thing I came to note is that it doesn’t matter how much power a fitness product is claimed to have or how well it is supposedly working for other people, it all comes down to how willing you are to do it and how much you believe in it. When you are seriously set to improve your body, all your attention is on that particular goal, and that is what will give you the right and positive energy you need to get it working for you.

This typically means that, if you are going to want to see results of all the training and dieting, you’ll want to believe in the product, which will stimulate the energy that you need to make the most of the program and to get what you were looking for, in its exact measure or even much more than that. But also, you need to find out whether the program’s alleged way of getting you bulked is actually a quality one. You don’t want to put all your efforts on a low-quality program and end up getting depressed, and get tempted to give up the building up thing.

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So, let’s take a peek at the program to see what it’s really like:

What is Adonis Golden Ratio System?

Well, this is a 12 weeks program that is designed to help anyone out there struggling to get their dream physique with the right information, training, and dieting. It is basically meant for use by virtually anyone, no matter their age, body, and weight. It has various, tailor-made workout and meal plan solutions for everyone depending on the body type and its current state.

The big body behind the program? John Barban. As always for all creators of fitness programs, he was once having issues with gaining an admirable body which could get people, especially the fairer sex, staring. He could get into a program and start gaining body mass but later down the road; he’d loose almost half of it.

So this got him thinking, and then researching, later to working the research out and finally to achieving his dream. Now he teaches at the University of Florida in physiology, biology and nutrition fields. He’s gotten much fame for his paying strategies and has gathered much influence in the fitness industry.

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How Does it Work?

This fitness program takes just 12 weeks to start seeing some good results coming. And in the period, you get to have at least:

• Five extreme repetitions of weight training
• Eight repetitions of heavy training
• 13 repetitions of modest training
• 21 repetitions of extreme light training.

You also get to go through the:

• Training program – Here, there are 78 instructional videos to give you a thorough understanding of the kind of exercises you should go with as well as those that you should highly avoid if you want to avoid muscle strain and injuries. You’re going to get all the training myths and misconceptions brought to rest and give you a more accurate approach to what really works.

• Program Selector – This is sort of an app that helps you determine what kind of exercises and diet you should use through the program, based on your age, weight, shoulder length, and waist. Once you feed in your exact body details, the selector selects the best program that should give you the best path, the exercises and meal plans that fit your best, to get the ripped physique you’re looking for.

• Nutrition Guide – This helps you get meal plans that you can use on the go on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also helps people who don’t really know how to balance off the right nutrition plan get the chance not to stress getting one. And the good thing about this is that, if you go through the program for a month, and you feel you’ve gone past the level you’re on, the selector actually gets you another meal plan to boost the energy and muscles and take things to the next level.

• Supplementation Guide – Well, to start with, the program doesn’t use any supplements. But the guide does help you understand the kind of supplements that would be useful for your body if you were to use them. But remember again, you don’t have to use them; it’s just for information purposes.

Adonis golden ratio system has also got active forums to continue informing the trainees and helping them out with various issues. At the time, there are over 4,000 posts and more than 5,000 threads are running, giving new perspectives on different aspects of the actual training as well as working out in general. You also get to have instant access to John Barban, the creator, and other fitness experts to give more motivation to get you where you want to be.

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Who is it For?

Well, based on the different training programs offered within this product, for all kinds of bodies, it is pretty clear that it is for everyone who has a desire to get fit. If you want to shake off those inches off your waist, this is it. If you want to get the ripped six pack abs, get this product, and if you want to get the edged V-shaped body, this will definitely get you there.

Although you need to note, as with any other training program out there, this one asks for dedication and perseverance, and commitment. You don’t want to cut corners in it if you truly want to see the right rewards of it. So basically, although it makes the best for everyone, among the ones that may not benefit from it are:

• Lazy and uncommitted people – If you are not really into getting shaped up, as in very determined to do it, this one is not for you. You may start well and keep doing it, but if you don’t give it your all and find yourself sometimes cheating the program of the training or meal plans, you are going to find it hard to see significant changes.

• Those looking for quick fixes – If you want the shortcut to leaning up, you’re at a loss here. And you are actually never going to find any. Those programs that will promise you overnight bulking are just after your bucks. You simply want to do it the proper way to get the body that you want, the way you want it.

What is Included in the Program?

We all want to know what the program comes with, right? Well, I have to admit that John really put in a lot of effort into this program. And to prove that, here are some bonuses that come as part of the package:

• The Adonis Abs and Arms Assault – This is an extra program, taking four weeks, to help you get powerful techniques that will pick up more and more muscles in your arms all the while getting your abs to be clearly visible cut. (This is really great stuff!)

• The Adonis Unlimited Upgrades – This is the section where you get to have the latest upgrades in the program’s content and workouts sent to you. John is always researching and wants you get the latest techniques and recipes first. So, without any extra charges, you are kept up to date with the hot selling news in the industry.

• 7 Days Out – This is to get mentally prepared when you are going out, say a competition or the like. It helps you learn how to keep your body in mint condition through the week and keep you always on track without sleeping through some crucial trainings.

The Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• You buy the program through Clickbank, which automatically means that you get a 60 days money-back guarantee.

• The program is well detailed to meet the desires of the average Joe. The various plans and training are helpful in getting anyone up and running.

• The selector is really great. You don’t have to guess your way into any workouts. You only have to feed in your body details and let the machine select for you what will work for you.

• Having an active forum, with the owner putting his whole into it, is not a usual thing. John is really determined to help guys, based on the past experience he’s had with fitness stuff, meaning he understands all the hurdles you’ve got to overcome.

• You get detailed information on diets, workouts, supplements, hormones, general health and more. And they are all supported by scientific proof to show you how effective what the creator says works, actually works.

• There are many positive reviews of the product. This means that it is really working for those who are taking the time to work through it and have the patience to see the changes come.

• The price is well worth the quality information offered. There are well-detailed video walkthroughs and written methods which are quite easy to use.

The Con’s

• The program takes 12 weeks, which isn’t necessarily enough to get someone really ripped. Well, it may get you on the way, but you’ll have to push your strategies farther if you want more tangible results.

• It uses only weight training and touches lightly on some few other pieces of training. A trainer who wants to increase muscle mass and strength may not get entirely that from this program.

• Although It is the best fit for everyone and uses a selector to choose the workout plan for you, the advanced trainers aren’t going to get enough information on how to scale their workouts to get to muscle up. It may give them some insight, but a really shallow one.

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Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, the program is very helpful. It’s going to be awesome for those who are starting out and hope to get to the advanced levels. The bonuses as well come really in handy, as they take you through nontraining skills and techniques to make the most of your body even when you’re out of the gym. So this means that people who are going to use it will greatly appreciate it.

On the other hand, you also need to consider the fact that it is not delving into other aspects of training at a deeper level, which may to some point, slow your development. You can use it to make your initial start, but as you go through the training, you may want to mix it up with some few other programs to get more value. So it’s completely safe to use but is limited down the line.

Final verdict – Legit!

Have you had the chance to go through the Adonis golden ratio system training? How did you find it? Can you recommend it to a friend? Can you say it’s the best program in the world? I’d love your feedback on this.

If you have any problems or concerns about this program, you can leave them below, and I’ll be sure to help you out.

Want a comprehensive program that gives you all aspects of bodybuilding, together with how to blend them ink to get a generally perfect physique? Want a program that offers twice the value offered in Adonis Golden Ratio System? Then check out my #1 recommendation.

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