3 Week Diet Review – No More Stubborn Body Fat?

Are you looking for the real truth about the three weeks diet by Brian Flatt? I’m going to give you one.

I’ve heard a lot of rumors about this program and how scammy its method of operation is. On the same breath, I’ve also heard others say that it has worked really great for them and even have photos of how they looked before and after an experience with the system, to prove it. So this kind often confused me, which one should I believe?

I believe you are in the same dilemma, right?

Well, I had an opportunity to get into it myself and unravel the whole mystery about it, which I will be revealing to you in a moment. You are going to get to know whether this program is the perfect fit you or just another blatant cheat.

I’ve also slipped in my final verdict on it to help you make your decision on either joining it or not, with more awareness, which will help you get only what you are after.

And without any more delays. Let’s get into it…

Product Name: 3 Weeks Diet3 Week Diet Review
Website Address: 3weeksdiet.com
Owner Name: Brian Flatt
Price: $47
Rankings: 89 out of 100

3 Weeks Diet Review – Introduction:

Whenever you go hunting for a fitness program online, you always have a vague picture of the kind of program you want to purchase, right? If I am not wrong, you are always looking for that product which has the best results that have been proven over and over again, that has got the best strategies and are easy to work with. Most importantly, it should be from people who know how this really works, am I not correct?

Well, the thing is, you are going to find many people creating fitness programs and claiming that they all got these features, which you would want to be a beneficiary of. They do this to make sure they get a huge catch off many people looking for various fitness solutions.

If you are the kind of people who don’t do their homework before jumping into a program, you are most likely going to be among the people who get scammed by them. You will just read through their sales page or watch their promo video and get fired up to buy, which you just follow along and get trapped. But if you are the kind of people who don’t trust people right off the bat, you can be sure to avoid a goods number of them.

This is what you should always do. Take some time after you have had a program pushed on you or after you’ve watched the sales video, to research more on it. Get reviews from people who have bought it before you and seen what they have to say about it. Watch YouTube reviews and read personal reviews from review sites. These are going to give you more and more information about it which the promo video and sales pages will veil you from.

In fact, to show you how much valuable information about these fitness programs is hidden from you, let’s take a closer look at the 3-week diet and see what I’m talking about.

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What is three weeks Diet?

This is a fitness program that promises you to lose up to 20 pounds in just three weeks by following a dietary plan that is going to help shed fat all day long and keep it off. It works with 3 phases where you get to start on a high note and calm down at the end of the 3rd week. Here you are going to get a hard training that is going to get your body pumping after each workout so that you can lose fat even while you are resting and sleeping.

But before we go any further, does the “loose 20+ pounds in a week” claim really match the results you will get off this product? Well, to be quite honest with you, it is going to be a real struggle especially if you find it hard to stay more than 3 hours without eating anything, but it is, by all means, achievable! You are going to get deep into intensive training that will completely change your habits and lifestyle as a whole, and if you are really determined, you are going to see if it come true for you.

The rolling wheels of the program? Brian Flatt. This is not a new face in the fitness industry. He has been there for more than a decade and a half now. He has been working as a fitness coach and a nutritionist. He also has a degree in biology from San Diego University. Something that brought to attention to him before creating the program is the Rev Fitness program, where he was the manager and happens to be the one who made its diet plan, which worked great for many people.

Having made his initial start in the industry back in 1990, he claims to have had more than 500 studies on medicine, bought into many programs, reviewed them, got into almost all types of fitness gadgets, looked for all pills and portions being promoted at the time and any other kind of fitness related gig that would get him in good shape. It is out of all that research he came to know the real truth of getting fit, which he reveals in the 3 week Diet.

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How Does it Work?

The aim here is to lose fat in 3 weeks, so you sure can expect the training to be a tough one. Flatt claims that he has incorporated workouts that have repeatedly been used by the best bodybuilders, fitness gurus, and celebrities. Well, the thing about gurus worries me a lot because the last time I checked, most fitness gurus were the ones misguiding people into sham workouts that only got them fatter after a long period of fasting and working out. This is not the strategy you want to use.

Okay, back to Flatt.

In this system, Flatt walks you through some of the most important things you need to know about building your body. I had an opportunity to peep at the contents of the program. I would like to walk you through some of the things discussed there. So here we go.

Truth About Weight Loss – Here you are given the gist of losing weight. You are shown how the body works in response to the workouts you do to lose weight. Some of the major issues mentioned here are insulin levels and controlling blood sugar. Here, you get to learn how insulin is related to the rate of metabolism which plays a big role in making your body burn the stubborn fat. You also get to know how we all get fat, the whole process of eating fatty foods to having layers of fat pile up in your body.

Nutrients – Many things are addressed in this section. Firstly you get to learn about proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You get taught by Brian how all these contribute to a lean body. You get to have a profound perspective on all these broken down into the small components that make part of your body, more than what you already know.

From there, you are going to take each type of foods and delve much deeper into it. You also get to know the need and role of fiber in your body. More to that, you are taken through the importance of drinking water that you never knew existed. Apart from hydrating the body and acting as a lubricant and a mode of transport in our bodies, which we already know, you are introduced to some new functions of water that will amaze you.

Metabolism – Understanding the whole process of metabolism is very crucial when it comes to losing weight the proper way. And here everything about it is discussed. From the process itself down to the hormones that influence its rate, you get to learn everything. He then introduces you to one of the major features of the program, starvation.

In this program, you will be getting 3 phases that you should go through to apply the expected extreme fast loss period to yourself. And these phases are:

  • Detox phase
  • Fasting Phase (optional)
  • Two different low carb Phases

NOTE: you are going to find other people referring them to as the Diet Plan, Workouts and the supplementation and motivation. Personally, I’ve just given the gist of each of these above.

You should note that you are also going to get into heavy workouts. Some of these training include:

  • Bent Over Row
  • Goblet Squat
  • Dumbbell Upright Row
  • Dumbell Incline Bench Press

Who is it For?

To start with, the program is really hard on. So the people who are going to find this very challenging are those who are extremely obese. You are going to have to be very careful with this as it can really hurt you. If you are not okay with starving, up to 24 hours without anything, then you will want to skip this one. Here, you are going to take the body to its extreme, and this involves literally anything that can help lose weight fast and lots. So if you feel like you are not up for this, you definitely shouldn’t get this.

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Apart from those people, the rest can have the training. But there is one thing I always like to bring across everyone’s mind. As with all other fitness products you are going to get into, this one will not bring favorable results to people who:

• Are going to cheat on the program – If you want to see full blast results of the program, you will want to be fully committed to it. You don’t want to start with a high pitch and end up depressed. You simply want to keep an all time high spirit to have it work for you. So please, if you are planning to cheat some days even before having bought the system, this one will be tough for you to get what you want.

• Want a magic portion – Just like Flatt in his early steps in the industry, and his findings, you will also not get any pills that will drop down your weight drastically, not here or anywhere else. You should seek to work with the training that has been outlined in the program to get real results that are going to stay for long. These strategies will get your body to lose weight the proper way that you will never regret.

What is Included in the Program?

The items said to be included in the program are the same ones that are discussed in the actual book, as I had mentioned earlier, in the way the program works. And these are:

• Introduction Manual
• Diet Manual
• Workout Manual
• Mindset and Motivation Manual

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The program does give you a technique that you can lose weight fast. And if you are serious enough with it, you can achieve the targets given in the program.

• It is a very detailed program giving a general as well as an in-depth explanation of how the body works and how to get it burning as much fat as possible.

• You get meal plans that are specifically designed for you, not “one size fits all” solutions. Depending on where you are at and what is available to you, the plans you are going to get will most certainly be available to you.

• Anyone who wants a quick solution to shed off unwanted fat fast no matter the strategies can easily do it with this. If you have a reunion to attend to in a month and are worried about your weight, this one can help get you in shape real quick.

• With the 3 phases you get from the method of training, you are going to get insight into how to get your body to various extremes, with different techniques to achieve the kind of body you want.

• If you feel like giving up because of the intensity of the training or some other reason, you have a whole book full of inspiration to give you the motivation you need to help you get up and running to see the results you wanted when you started out.

• Depending on the value you get from this system, the price has been well cut to help anyone out there get hands on a really working weight loss tactics, be they from any walk of life.

The Cons

• The program is online, so you are going to get ready to use a strong internet connection to help you go through the product smoothly and apply one on one what you see without having to wait for it to load.

• There are a lot of claims that the system uses harmful drugs like caffeine, yohimbine, and Ephedrine.

• There are also other claims that the program uses a lot of fake testimonials. They seem to have been coded manually.

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Final Verdict:

After all that, there is really so much to say about the 3 week diet fitness product. Firstly, it is deniable true that you are getting great value off of it. You get to learn so much about your body, the hormones, nutrients and even metabolism which is going to help you become more conscious of your body, what you take in and the things you are getting yourself involved in.

You also get the chance to put into practice the information you have gotten, on your body. This will help you confirm all that you have been told. What I personally loved about it is the fact that you can go from being self-conscious about your weight and trying to avoid public places to getting slim in weeks and craving for the same social gatherings to show off your lean physique.

You also get a 60 days money back guarantee on it. This is a Clickbank product, and all Clickbank products come with this kind of guarantee. And it lets you get the “fee trial” experience that you are given here. You are allowed to used the training of this system for two good months, where if you don’t see any results that make you happy, you can have it taken back by the owners and get a full refund for that. So you don’t risk your money.

You get every penny you committed towards it once you claim a refund. Soon after you send an email claiming it, your funds are deposited in your account, and your copy is pulled back. To me this is great!

This program, according to what I know, and what I’ve shown you, is totally legit and truly works for anyone who fully commits themselves to it.

Final Verdict – Legit

Name: 3 Weeks Diet
Website: http://3weeksdiet.com
Owner: Brian Flatt
Price: 47
Rankings: 89 out of 100

Have you used the program in the past? Have you seen the incredibly amazing results that program promises to the prospect buyers? Have you learned more about your body than you already knew? What was the best part of this program that thrilled you? Please leave your feedback on this product below.

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