14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review – Great Insight Here!

If you want to get the insider’s view of the 14 day rapid fat loss plan by Shaun Hadsall to know whether it’s going to make the best fit for you, then know for sure that you are in the best ground to get that.

Well, I got moved to want to look into this program after I heard that my favorite carbs still account for a great body. And, just like you I’ve always wanted a lean physique but I always felt that the carbs I had been taking somehow are to blame for the fat gain I have had over the years.

So when I heard that this program encourages people to still take the carbs, I got a twist, and decide to dig deeper into it to see what exactly Shaun meant, and if it was something reasonable I could use.

And what I discovered about it something that will surely shock you. All I ask of you, is just a few minutes of your time to read my 14 day rapid fat loss plan review to get to know how this system is set to work and see if it’s something you would want to be part of.

So let me show you around the program…

Product Name: 14 Rapid Fat Loss Plan14 Rapid Fat Loss Plan
Website Address: 14dayrapidfatlossplan.com/special/index.php
Owner: Shaun Hadsall
Price: Discounted price of $17 (initially $47)
Rankings: 90 out of 100

14 Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review – Introduction:

There is this claim which has been flying around the web that the healthy foods the local dieticians recommend no longer make any useful impact on the body while trying to get leaned up. You will find almost all fitness trainers who are just getting recognized claiming that all the low carb diets people have been on over the years have only been making their weight loss efforts and success rates plummet and have even gotten most people to double the weight they previously had, most oftently after they are done with the dieting.

You see, the web is not really the best place to get accurate information. I know almost all of us run there to get more information and insight into various things, and I completely understand that because I too go there to do the same. But you need to be the kind of people who examine things really carefully to get only the real truth about what you are looking for.

I will let you in on a little secret. See all the fitness blogs you get on the first page of Google? No information in there screened before it is ranked. And what this basically means is that you are going to get massive fitness information from a bunch of people who you are not even sure whether they know what they are talking about.

Most people who create fitness programs don’t really have to be educated in any of fitness stuff to get their programs to sell. They only need good IT guys who are willing to write great sales pages or create promo videos that will hook the reader once they have set their eyes on them and have them flow through it to land on the part where they have to order the package.

And if the guys are really smooth, they will make a good number of sales. That is why you see many scams making thousands of dollars even after people knowing there are scams out there.

And if you thought hard about it, are there any chances of having this program using the strategies I have mentioned? Is it possible to have the program being ran by someone who doesn’t know a thing about weight loss and gives claims to be great at it and will walk you through everything you need to get lean and burn fat?

The best way to discover that is through getting deep into the system and seeing what it is working with. So let’s jump inside and see that.

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What is the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan?

This is a program that claims to help you shrink your belly fat and all the stubborn fat stored in your body in as little as 14 days. Here you get to take advantage of the macro patterning technique which lets you keep eating all the carbs you have been on all these years and still get to lean.

All what is happening here is changing the times you get to eat the high carb foods and getting to eat them when your body requires them and will be ready to store them as energy. This means that you will keep eating what you love, cookies, fries and pizza and still see fat melting off your body without having to strain too much in the gym to get it off.

You will be learning how to understand the signs when the body needs the high carbs during the day and when you should switch to the low carbs. And understanding this is going to help you see where you have been going wrong all this while and how you can change the whole diet you have been on to something more improved, but with the same recipes.

The owner of this program is Shaun Hadsall. Just by looking at him, you can tell that the program is working. The guy has been ripped for nearly two decades and currently he has got his best body, don’t forget that he is in his early 40’s. He also had his wife take on the program after she hit her menopause and she also as fit as she can get.

The vast experience he has had in the industry had taught him a lot about getting your body to make the most of what you eat, by taking in the foods you want at the right time. But before he got there, he had been losing weight and regaining for more than 5 years since he didn’t really know what was working for him best.

It is in 2008 that everything changed, after he had participated in the “Body For Life” body transformation contest, and got to be the first runners up. He knew he had to do something about it. He went deep into research and got a few strategies which he tried out until he got it right.

He used himself as the guinea pig till he landed a perfect strategy that worked right for everyone. And that is what won him the title “Most Fit Health and Fitness Pro 2008”. And it is the same thing that has gotten him on the front pages of influential magazines, get him featured on fitness related television shows and even on radio.

And he has helped thousands of folks get into great shape with this same technique, so you can rest assured that you are tapping into something people have been wanting to get their hands on.

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How Does it Work?

This program is about understanding your body first and seeing what has not been working for you all this while. Shaun believes that there must be something wrong with your metabolism. And if you can’t seek to know if first, it’s going to be hard to achieve anything substantial.

But you don’t need to do a lot of examination, it is something to do with your eating habits that brings the whole metabolism breakdown. After you have solved this, you will then have to look into the belly fat on your lower body and make some few other changes.

Here, you will be taught by Shaun how to convert the stored fat to be the body’s go to source of energy when carrying out various tasks. Again, you need not to worry. Pretty much everything you will be doing here is outlined for you.

The main gist of the program is taking on the 3 steps recommended. These are the same strategies that have kept the owner ripped for years.

And the steps I am talking about are:

1. Stop Using Low Carb Foods

Here you are advised to stop obsessing over low carbs. Most trainers have been recommending this but if you have been using them, I’m sure you can also confirm that nothing good has come out of them. You will often get back to binges, and soon get a rebound weight gain.

The bad thing about low carbs is that they will keep depriving your body of energy and make it to go for the muscles. You will have pure muscle lost, break your metabolism completely, destroy the fat burning hormones like leptin and increase the risks of becoming diabetic or obese.

You need the carbs you are trying to avoid. And if you know well how you should be working them out, as you will be taught here, you are going to see how many benefits you have missing out on.

2. Avoid Carb Based “Spill-Over”

You will get taught how the body digests the foods you eat. And more specifically, you will learn how the fat gets to accumulate in your body and how the pockets of cellulite are formed. You see, the foods you take in go through a lot of activities before they get to benefit you.

And if you understand how to tap into the process and get everything to go right, you will be in a good position to burn the already existing fat in your body and then get to keep off the fat getting in. You will learn about how fat is stored in the muscle and liver and what happens after it’s full of it. This is more of a biology session with your favorite teacher.

3. Never Eat Carbs at The Wrong Time

Eating carbs, as repeated many times, is not wrong when you are trying to lose weight. You just have to know when to eat them and why you are doing it. With this you will know when they are most needed and appreciated by your body and when they get to become a bother.

By learning the three important periods you should be taking carbs, which include 4 hours prior to getting into any workouts, in the early mornings (the a.m.’s) and after you have been on a crazy workout, you will see how the favorite foods come in handy at this time. And you will get to see the benefits of it yourself.

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Who is it For?

This program is great for any folk out there who wants to learn more about their body and give them full control over their bodies. Whether you are a lady or a man, this program is great for you since the inner processes of your body and how the body stores fat, are pretty much the same for everyone.

So, you are going to learn how wrong the methods you have been using are. You will also get to see exactly where you have been going astray with your eating habits and workouts. And most importantly, how it is not your fault, since you have been following the common hype in the industry, to never eat high carbs when wanting to shed weight.

And then you will get the right tactic to help your body regain strength and improve upon your metabolism which will tune the fat loss clock back to work.

Although, even though you have heard that this program is going to make the best fit for you, as in almost everyone, not every person who buys it will see the kind of results they are looking for. And among those who won’t make any gain from it are those:

• Who want cheat and still get lean – If you are given the breakdown of how you should be taking the carbs and working out. And decide, right before you get into it, that you will cheat a few days since you just can’t drop your eating habits you have set together with your friends, then you are going to have a rough time seeing any worthwhile results. If you want to see it work for you, you will want to be fully committed to it before you even start.

You have to start dropping some habits you have seen may be weighing your efforts down. And you are going to be well worth the program.

• Who buy programs and keep them on the shelf – If you are among the many people I see buying programs with so much motivation and then go stack the program up together with the other unused programs that they had bought, then prepare yourself for more problems.

You already have the blueprint with you and you only need to follow through to see your weight loss goals achieved. But if you don’t want to make the decision to take on the program, then you are going to get stuck in the same place for years wondering what happened to you.

What is Included in the Program?

The system comes well packed with information and more resources to help you get up and running with the program and start seeing the kind of results you have been looking for, in years. Shaun understands how hard it is to get anything of substance if you are only using the program without extra handy tips to help you make the most of the knowledge you gather here and get every second you spend implementing the changes you have been walked through, count greatly.

And to help you get a good idea of the value you are collecting in the program, here is what you will be getting as extras after you have made your purchases:

1. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Fast Start Guide

If you are the busy kind who wants to cut to the chase and get right into the bare essentials of the program, this will help you get that. This gives you the list of eating habits you will be adopting and the exercises you will be getting into in the next few days, and how exactly you should handle each. Instead of having to flip through more than a hundred pages in the main program, you can get your hands on what you want and start working on them instantly.

2. 14 Carb Cycling Desserts

This deals with your cravings. If you have a hard time cutting down the cravings and get to enjoy the confidence of going through the program without having cheated, then you will get the best approach right here. You are getting a list of desserts that will take you through 6 good deplete days, 6 desserts for carb up days and 2 days where you eat all types of desserts you want.

This will help you cut the cravings little by little and soon enough see you pass a huge bakery and find yourself naturally tempted not to get in and have a bite.

3. 14 Carb Cycling Dinners

You get the high carb meals that will help you burn fat. You are given 14 sweet meals that you will be using on high carb days to help improve your rate of metabolism all the while getting your leptin and thyroid hormones ready to work. You also get a perfect work plan of how you are going to manage to be eating what you love slightly before you go to bed. The plan is all laid out in here.

4. 14 SUPER Sneaky Fat Loss Tricks

Here you will be learning a few extra skills you can use to get to the fats in your body faster than you have ever been, time your nutrients and get them to help you shed more fat, trick your blood sugar levels to helping you burn more fat and improve the quality of your hormones towards the fat burning process.

All these will help boost the rate of success but will want you to put in a little more effort than what you will be giving the main program.

5. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Continuation Cheat Sheets

If you are wondering what you will be doing after you have achieved the right body, and how you will get to keep improving it, then the bonus here is going to help you with that. You will get more exercises to keep at and more recipes that you can use over the next couple of months or even years to help you not stop the fat loss process but keep it at an all time high.

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Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This program really delivers the promises it makes. You are getting a blueprint for loosing weight in the next 14 days. No gimmicks or tricks, just pure science.

• It has been tested and confirmed to work over and over again by the owner, his wife and thousands of other folks. So you don’t get to use a program that makes you feel like you are trying it out but implementing what has already been working.

• You get to work more with organic foods, so you are not fearing any side effects that the other foods come with. Your body doesn’t react to organic foods so you are safe for the next two weeks and more.

• The program is very easy to follow along. You don’t have to be a nerd or a fitness expert to understand things in there. You only need to have basic English and you are well off.

• It helps you get over binges and cravings, something you won’t find other programs addressing. They only give you a quick trick to keep it down but not do away with it entirely.

• You won’t have to give up your favorite foods. You will still have to eat them. In fact you are getting two good days to eat whatever high carb foods you love, and keep in mind you are still working well with the program, you are not cheating.

• You are taken through the program by Shaun Hadsall, a person who is well respected and has got influence in the industry. Many people have been dying to have him as their personal trainer.

The Cons

• This is not going to be the best program for you if you have been looking for the one without endurance training. Here you will have to hit the weights and cardio.

• Although it uses basic English, there are slang terms used in the program that may a bit confusing for you. You will need to be a bit sharp to understand.

Final Verdict:

Just by a mere visualization of the program, you can see that it works with the good stuff. You are not getting some crazy strategies that promise you to lose upto 10 pounds a day, as I see some other programs do. You are also given a clear and reasonable methods of operation that you will be using to tackle the weight problem once and for all.

The thing that made me happy was that it has worked for years and years for the owner. His lean physique just thrills me and, I must admit a bit envious of it. I mean, he has already hit 40 and his body just got better. Who doesn’t want that? I know I do.

Well, the value you are getting here is great and the price you pay for all that you get is ridiculously low. Anyone who is serous about purchasing this product can, no matter the walk of life they are from.

And something more wonderful. You are getting a whole 60 days money back guarantee. This program is bought from Clickbank where you are given a 100% money back guarantee from virtually every product you buy through it. And if you are the skeptical one about how effective the product really is, you are getting a period of 8 weeks to use it and see if this is actually working as promised.

And if it is, you can keep it and take your health to the next level. But if it is not, you have the full right to return it and claim a full refund from Shaun. Just send him an email expressing your desire to have your money back and you won’t have to answer any questions that make you feel awkward or extremely sensitive. You will just get an “okay” and then after a few short minutes you will have the money back in your pocket.

To everyone, this is pure brilliance. And from what I have shown you, my final verdict on this program is that it is legit and something people are going to get much from, if they make the most of it.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: 14 Rapid Fat Loss Plan
Website: http://www.14dayrapidfatlossplan.com/special/index.php
Owner: Shaun Hadsall
Price: Discounted price of $17 (initially $47)
Rankings: 90 out of 100

Have you tried this product before? Know anyone who has? What results did they get? Did they make them happy? Do you think this program is going to help you see any improvements in your health and eating habits? We really appreciate feedback. Please leave yours below.

Want a program that has more insight into how your body works? Want a program that uses the simplest language without any jargon and will give you thrice as much benefits as the ones you get from this program? Then you will have to check out my #1 recommendation.

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