10-minute Fat Loss System Review – Does it Work?

If you are a great fitness enthusiast who has been trying to get a genuine program that will truly work for you in terms of weight loss and body building, then chances are that you have come across this new fitness product.

It has brought so much fuss on the web, especially on social, with may people claiming that it is working and has actually worked for them, while others say it’s just but a mere scam.

But what is the real truth about it?

My 10-minute Fat Loss system review will reveal to you the real truth about it in just a few and show you the real gist of it that I’m sure, coupled with my final verdict on it, you are going to make a well informed decision on whether to go for it or just seek out another better program that will perfectly suit you.

Without any more delays, let’s get started…

Product Name: 10 Minute Fat Loss System10-minute Fat Loss System Review
Website Address: 29dayflatstomachformula.com
Owner: Derek Wahler
Price: $15 (discount, if you buy now) $19.95 (normal price)
Rankings: 89 out of 100

10 Minute Fat Loss System Review – Introduction:

If you have been struggling with loosing weight for awhile now, you are going to want to read this. I have often seen many people who are overweight or obese have difficulties shed off inches off their waist. And what happens is that they will go for any fitness products that are thrown at them.

And since most of the creators of this program have got this perception that the target for their products are people who are extremely desperate, they won’t put much effort into the program, in terms of leveraging all the knowledge and experience they’ve gathered over the years to succeed in health and fitness, to make the fitness solution they bring to the market a valuable one.

What they will do, and this is common with the people who create such products with the main aim of making money off of them, is to create a very interesting video presentation that will make you jump out of your couch to order the products, but when you get inside the program and just happen to use their strategies for a month or two, putting in the effort required to make it work, you’ll find that nothing significant is happening.

The quality of the program is low, and they made it low purposefully, to get you up and running but don’t make much progress, so that they can then refer you to another program, that is theirs and one that you will also have to pay for. And in this way, they get to make more profit from you, and whether or not you will achieve what you want, a lean body, doesn’t seem to be their concern.

And that is why I always keep on telling people who decide to use these digital fitness products to be extremely careful with what why settle for because it may make or break their bodies entirely. I don’t mean to say that all fitness programs are scams or legit but of low quality, I simply mean to tell you to be watchful.

There are actually programs that do work and I’ve seen them work first-hand, as I am going to show later on in this article, but many of them are set up by self centered, heartless individuals who have their eyes on the money rather than the heart of the user, the client. And since their heart is corrupt right off the bat, they will create it with very little effort and quality to just get into the market and start generating revenue for them.

So what should you do?

How should I keep off from such people and their products?

Well, first make an effort to evaluate your options. Seek to go behind every promotion and ads and do some background check for the program being promoted to you. And the best way you get to do this, is through reading personal reviews written on the web by people who have had the chance to use the program and seen whether it’s working or not.

These people will give you deep insights into what you may think is great and greatly astonish you with their proofs. I’ve often gotten surprised myself when I go online to purchase a product which, at a glance, seems great, but came to see how many things escaped my notice when I was watching a promo video for it just by reading a review for it.

And that’s how you get the best always.

And to give some real insight and practical example of what I’m saying, let’s delve into the 10 minute fat loss and see what it’s really like:

What is 10 Minute Fat Loss System?

This is a 10 minutes a day fitness program that helps you reduce the excess body fat in your body by simply following the strategy laid out for you, that includes a simple nutrition plan and set of workouts, all easy but very effective. It uses your own body to help make this successful.

The program seems to campaign for training intensity as opposed to training duration, which is quite a powerful and effective approach to weight loss. If you evaluate this, you can see the sense behind it, would you rather have a 5 hour a day program with little productivity or 10 minutes with the most productivity by making every second count? Now do you see what I mean?

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The creative mind working behind the scenes is of Derek Wahler, who has gotten quite some reputation within the fitness and wellness industry. He is a personal and turbulence trainer who is certified who has been helping people achieve their weight loss goals and get toned up bodies for almost 9 years now.

Before plunging into the fitness industry, he was an IT specialist, serving two of the major companies in his locality. Well, he didn’t turn any successful with this career, and after he lost interest in it, his fate met with him. Ballantyne came to his rescue and volunteered to train him to become who he currently is. And although he’s not gotten any degree in some fancy university or college, he sure knows his stuff very well.

How Does it Work?

Before you get into the program, there are some few terminologies that you need to get acquainted with. And these are Leptin Resistance and the Fat Shrinking Signal. These two are closely connected to each other and they are what mainly contribute to the intensity and speed at which your body is able to lose fat, especially in the most difficult areas.

Leptin resistance is a state of the body where leptin, a crucial hormone used to help initiate the fat loss process, is not able to send signals to the brain to convey different messages of the body. And when this happens, the brain mistakenly thinks that the body needs more food. And this is why you oftently get the urge of eating more than you previously were, before you got to gain that much weight.

The Fat Shrinking Signal is the signal that comes from leptin to the brain that helps metabolism in the body work at its best to help stubborn fat to be shed. And from this, you get to work out only to a short while, and eat the right diet for just a little while and see yourself loose pounds and pounds of fat.

Do you see the connection?

When the Fat shrinking signal is blocked, the signals won’t get to the brain, and the brain won’t get the rate of metabolism, which is responsible for loosing weight, up and this means no easy time to shake off the inches off your waistline, a big deal!

This is where Derek’s program comes in handy. You are going to get the secret to turn on the Fat shrinking signal that will help send signals to the brain that “it’s time to let loose the stubborn fat off the body and get into shape.” You are going to working out and eating the meals that are geared towards helping you get there.

And in the program, here are workouts that await you. They are categorized into 3 sets:

• Action Taker – This is where you make your initial start with the program. You are going to get to get into simple but highly effective workouts that only last for 10 minutes, as promised, and you get to do them 3 days a week. These will help you loosen up and even shed some fat from some of the areas that are occupied by fat and are easy to get to.

• Elite Action taker – Here things get amped up a little more. You get to work out two times a day, but still with the 10 minutes interval. And you can spread out the two workouts throughout your entire day. Ideally, this will get your body to really heat hings up and get your body loosing almost twice as much as you will lose in the first set. The exercises here basically target the relatively tougher parts in your body.

• Supreme Action Taker – The workouts here are going to take your body to the next level. You will be doing 3 different workouts, each 10 minutes a day. The promise of 10 minutes still persists but the effect heightens. You are also allowed to spread them throughout your day according to your convenience, as far as you get to do them all before the day ends. The most difficult parts like your waistline are the major targets, and these ensure you get 90% of the fat in your body out and get you to start leaning up.

Who is it For?

Well, the program is pretty much for every folk who has been wanting to loose weight for years and hasn’t been able to for a long time now. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you or old, relatively fat or obese, whatever situation you may be in, this is going to make a nice fit for you.

I’ve also seen some people say that it may not be good if some few types of people used it

And this includes those people who:

• Find pleasure in running on treadmills and the newest fat loss machines in town.
• Are doing trainings for upcoming olympics.
• Want to really bulk up and increase their body mass.
• Like trying out all fitness programs and visiting the gym oftently just for the fun of it.
• Still believe there is a “Fat burning spot” to get to in order to lose a huge amount of weight.

For the last two points, this I can try to agree with. But for the others, I’d suggest that you check with your doctor first before using the program, just to be safe. And as all programs state, this program will also not be best for those:

• Looking for miracle weight loss pills – If you are the kind of people who think that there is a magical pill that will melt away all the fat in an instant, not be harsh but, this is not for you. And it’s going to be very difficult to find one that will give you that. Working out your body is the only solution to this. So you should have your attitude on getting your body to work out to be a positive one in order to see the right results.

• Looking for an overnight weight loss plan – Shedding unwanted fat takes time. And, as you have seen, there is that fat that is piled up in areas that are very hard to get to, and which needs time, patience and persistence to reach and get rid of completely. So you will also want to accept the fact that only time heals, and you will be able to achieve what you want.

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What is Included in the Program?

As all trainers believe that working on your body is essential and needs a lot of other even more helpful resources to get it heading to the right direction, you will find many things included in a program to help maximize your results. And it is no different for this one. Derek has gotten quite some resources to help you see the kind of results you are looking for and then more.

Let’s take a peak at what is included in the 10 minutes fat loss system:

• The 10 Minute Fat Loss Exercise Guide – This is an exercise guide to help you learn how to put into practice the workouts given in the training. Each one of the exercises are well illustrated, with pictures added to make it easy to comprehend and get you to do the right thing.

• The 10 Minute Fat Loss Nutrition Guide – This is a guide to help you with the meal plan during the intensive training days. You get recipes for highly nutritious meals that are easy to get and prepare, and will go along way in helping you lose fat and build out your physique.

• The 12 Week Done for You Program – As the name suggests, it’s already done for you, and you only need to follow along. This includes 100+ workouts that are more deep and hard but last for a short time that you can use even after you are done with the program, to maintain the level of fitness you will get after you get through with the trainings.

• The 3 Minutes Meltdown – These are more workouts, that take just 3 minutes of your time, which you can slide into your training, especially the last set of training to get even better results. They help leave your body in fat burning mode and get your body to melt more fat while you are resting and recovering.

• The 4 Week Beginner program – These are the workouts I like to call, the “stretching and preparing-for-intense-time” exercises. The are the workouts you begin with before getting into the actual training, to have your body ready to loose weight.

And there are bonuses!

When you make your order today, you also get these two bonuses:

• 200 rep Bodyweight Cardio Stacks – These are other more intense workouts that target the cardio and will see you through a good period of “toughening your skin” which I know you’re going to love.

• 10 Minute Trouble Spot Toners – If you want to really tone up your body, this will get you going. It will help you make your body more lean and make the “important areas” come out even more.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The price is extremely low if you consider all the things you get. Most other programs wil charge over $60 for what you get here, excluding the bonuses.

• You get instant access after making your purchase of it. You don’t have to wait for weeks to have it delivered to you, which is going to save you more time to get started.

• You get to work out without having to miss out on the most important thing of your typical day. Only 10 minutes are needed and can be easily slid into a very busy schedule.

• The presentations are great and easy to follow along. You also get pictures to know exactly what you are doing so as not to do wrongly and not get to make the most of them.

• You get a 60 days money back guarantee that lets you keep and try out the program for 60 days, in which if you don’t find it fully satisfactory, you can get every cent of the money you gave for it.

• This is cost saving as you don’t have to go to the gym and pay membership fees, no equipments, nothing to add to the $15 cost of the program.

• You can do it at the comfort of your home and feel like you are having a real experience with Derek. He knows how to take you through it in a way you feel like you are actually with him there.

• All the workouts are backed with scientific evidence to show you why you are doing the exercises listed in there. And this give you the confidence of knowing you are working with approved workouts with real benefits.

The Cons

• The program is online, and you can’t order a hard copy. This means you are going to want to have a good internet connection if you want to have great experience with it.

• If you think about it you are going to find that the exercises can go up to 30 minutes a day, since they have been broken down to a series of exercises, up to 3, that take 10 minutes each.

Final Verdict:

Wow! There is so much in the program. If you throw your eyes into the gist of the program, body weight training, by looking at the workouts and the other resources that come with the program to offer that, you can surely see how Derek has tried his absolute best to take you through this type of training. He has really invested some effort to see thing work for you, and get you to lose weight once and for all. You also get a 60 days money back guarantee that gives the confidence of having your money in case it doesn’t work, which should show you that the owner really believes in it to allow this.

Personally, if what I know about the 10 minutes fat loss system is anything to go by, I would deem this product a highly competitive one that approaches body weight training from every angle and get you to fully achieve your goals. This is something you will want to go for if you’re determined to make fat loss work for you and if you probably really dread using gym equipment. I can almost guarantee that you are going to love this.

So is the 10 minutes fat loss system a scam? No! Like me, I’m sure you have seen nothing scammy about it, the price itself proves this.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Name: 10 Minute Fat Loss System
Website: http://29dayflatstomachformula.com
Owner: Derek Wahler
Price: $15 (discount, if you buy now) $19.95 (Normal price)
Rankings: 89 out of 100

Have you been using the 10 minutes Fat loss system? What does it mean to go through the training? How is it coming along for you? Would you recommend it to a friend with the desire to get a fat loss training that works? We would like to hear your answers. Leave them below.

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